Old-English Eva 5*M
GCH Old-English Eva 5*M as a Milking Yearling
GCH Old-English Eva 5*M
Eva as a 3-yr-old

ADGA Genetics Database
DOB: March 16, 2014

Sire: +*B Ranea Mercio

Dam: GCH Old-English Zatiana 4*M LA FS 91 EEEE
     DS: *B Old-English Yuma
     DD: SGCH Old-English Tatiana 3*M LA FS 92 EEEE
          1st Place 3-year-old and Best Udder Saanen 2007 National Show

     1-00 305 2250 65 2.9%BF 65 2.9%Pr
             627 4240 121 121 ext.
     2-11 283 3034 115 3.79% BF 89 2.93%Pr

     1-03 84 VAV+
     2-02 87 ++EE (milk through)
     3-03 90 VVEE

     2015 - 2x 1st,
     1st place, 1st udder milking yearling, 2015 ADGA National Show

Eva is a lovely and stylish yearling milker. Her mammary is as nice as her dam's in all aspects, including very correct teat placement. She has tremendous length and fullness of fore-udder along with correct height, width, and arch of rear udder. She has good depth of body for such a young doe. We were so excited when Eva was 1st with 1st udder at the National Show in Redmond! She will milk through in 2016.

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