GCH Old-English Cecily 4*M
GCH Old-English Cecily 4*M as a 5-year-old

ADGA Genetics Database
DOB: March 3, 2012

Sire: +*B Des-Ruhigestelle Kentucky Win LA 3-03 91 EEE
     SS: *B Des-Ruhigestelle TE Ellis
     SD: SGCH Des-Ruhigestelle Winseeker 4*M
          2005 ADGA National JrCH
          2008 ADGA National GCH and Best Udder
          2012 ADGA National 1st place aged doe  

Dam: GCH Cherrypines Hooter 3*M FS 5-04 90 EVEE
     DS: *B Cherrypines Georgie Porgie
     DD: GCH Cherrypines Ethel Sweetwater 2*M
          2007 ADGA National GCH

     1-02  277  1990   84  4.2%BF  51  2.6%Pr
     2-01  258  2870   90  3.1%BF  74  2.6%Pr
     2-11  305  3900  134 3.4%BF 103 2.6%Pr
              321  3980  136 3.42%  106 2.67% ext.
     3-11  221  2980   94 3.2%BF 83 2.8%Pr
     5-01  271  2535   92  3.64%BF 77 3.04%Pr

     5-11  305  3232   97 3.0%BF 91 2.8%Pr

     7-00  43   566  18 3.18%BF  17 3%Pr in progress

Life to date 1709 days 18,194 # milk 612 # BF 500 # Pr

     1-02 excused, too recently fresh
     2-03 90 VVVE
     3-03 90 VVEE
     4-02 90 VVEE
     5-01 88 EVEV

     6-04 EX90 EVEE

     2013 - 2x 1st, 1x GCH
     2014 - 2x 1st, 4x GCH, 2x Res CH, 1x BIS
     2015 - 2x 1st, 3rd place 3-yr-old, ADGA National Show

Both of Cecily's granddams were National Champions. She is an angular and cleaned-boned doe with a feminine Saanen head. Her capacious mammary is amazing; we admire her height and arch of rear udder, strong medial suspensory ligament, length of fore udder, teat placement, size and shape, even with the high milk production! Her strengths and pedigree, along with a buckling sired by CA Dreamin' lead us to retained her son, *B Old-English Dreamweaver, as a Jr herdsire.

Unfortunately, Cecily contracted a nasty case of mastitis in late summer of 2016 which ended that lactation at 221 days with 2980 # of milk.  She nearly lost her left half and freshened will no milk on that side.  Even so, she is posting a respectable lactation this year.  We are just happy she pulled through and was able to recovered to be bred last fall and freshen normally this spring.  Now, her health is fine and she has blood tested pregnant again this fall.  Cecily's daughters are other top milkers this year and we can't wait to see them with another year of maturity!  Her latest daughter, Joi, is really nice and was sired by a son of SGCH Old-English Catalina 5*M x ++*B Old-English Kojack.

  GCH Old-English Cecily 4*M
Pictured as a 3-year-old
GCH Old-English Cecily 4*M
Pictured as a 2-year-old
GCH Old-English Cecily 4*M
Pictured as a Milking Yearling

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