GCH Cisco DEC V8 Xena 2*M
SGCH Cisco DEC V8 Xena 2*M as a 3-year-old

ADGA Genetics Database
DOB: April 3, 2015

Sire: *B Des-Ruhigestelle El Cid
     SS: ++*B  Des-Ruhigestelle Element
     SD: GCH Des-Ruhigestelle Elendara  8*M

Dam: SGCH Cisco WWS Mango V8  *M
     2009 ADGA National GCH,
     2008 ADGA Res National GCH,
     6-03 EX92 EVEE
     DS: SG +*B White-Wave Scrimshaw
     DD: CH Cisco Manteca Mango

     3-03 EX91 EEEE

     2-01 231 2103 74 3.5%BF 60 2.9%Pr
     2-10 305 4266 161 3.8%BF 122 2.9%Pr

     3-11  302 4780 172 3.6%BF 141 2.95%Pr  2019 TOP TEN, #3 for milk, BF, and protein!

     4-11 294 3525  120  3.40%BF 98  2.78%Pr in progress


 test numbers in 2019 - 20.2#, 22.5#, 19.4#, 17#

Lifetime to date: 1142 days 14,787 # 531 # BF 425 # Pr



2016 - 1x JrCH, 1x ResJrCH, 1x BJDIS

2018 - 3x GCH, 1x BIS

2019 - shown 6x, 1x BOB, 2x ResCH, 4x 1st, 2x 2nd

 Xena was purchased in the 2016 Spotlight Sale in Austin, TX.  We are very pleased with this sweet, dairy, productive doe!  She is a very stylish with a long bone pattern thoughout.  Xena was # 3 Top Ten for milk, BF and protein in 2019.  In 2020, she freshened with a single kid and had a respectable, level lactation, just without the high peak tests.  Due in late Feb. 2021, Xena is bred to *B Tempo Passa ET Easton.

SGCH Cisco DEC V8 Xena 2*M
SGCH Xena, 3-yr-old 2018, milked out in Best in Show line up
SGCH Cisco DEC V8 Xena 2*M
 SGCH Xena as a 2-yr-old first freshener

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