Prices subject to change. Please contact me for availability.  Prices include transportation to Ontario (CA) International Airport (preferable) or John Wayne Airport in Orange. Prices do not include health certificate (about $40 w/o any tests), shipping or crate. I prefer to ship kids by 8 weeks of age and they must be paid in full before shipping. A $100 deposit will hold the kid of your choice if one is available. If we choose not to offer a kid for sale, your deposit will be refunded promptly or transfered to an alternate choice.

  • = Availability and price determined after kidding and evaluation.
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Spring 2019 Kidding Chart
Dam: Planned Sire: Buck Price: Doe Price: Due Date: Availability:
SGCH Brielle EX91 Snow Bear $1000 $1000 March  
SGCH Brooklyn EX91 Snow Bear $750 $1000 March  
GCH Cecily EX90 Xibo $1000 N/A March  
SGCH Catalina EX91 Keanu $1000 $1000 February  1 buck
SG Ariadne EX91 Keanu $800 $800 milk through  N/A
SGCH Dianna EX92 Belaire $1000 N/A    
Emma EX90 Keanu $750 $750 June  
Elsie VG89 Xibo $750 $750 February  
Fantasy EX91 Keanu $1000 $1000 February  1 buck
SGCH Fionna EX92 Belaire $1000 $1000 March  
SGCH Xena EX91 Keanu $1000 $1200 March  
SG Hedda EX91 Keanu $900 $900 March  
Hyacinth VG88 Dexter $600 $600 March  
Heidi VG89 Belaire $600 $600 March  
GCH Higgles VG89 Belaire $1000 $1000 February  1 buck
Hannah VG89 Snow Bear $750 $750 February  1 buck sold, 1 available
Hilda VG88 Snow Bear $600 $600 March  1 buck
Julianna VG88 Belaire $600 $750 March  
Jillian VG85 Finnian $600 $600 March  
Jolene VG86 Belaire $600 $600 March  
Jeannine VG87 Xibo $750 $750 March  1 buck
Jennie VG86 Xibo $600 $600
                                                                                            First Fresheners 2019
                Joi (GCH Cecily x Hippo) Xibo
                $600 March 1 doe
                Jemma (Emma x Harrison) Xibo N/A $600 February 1 doe
                Jodie (Heidi x Treviator) Snow Bear * * March  
                Jona (SGCH Xena x Finnian) * * March  
                Joelle (Chloe x Hunter) N/A $600 February 1 doe
                Karly (GCH Cecily x Treviator) Xibo * * March  
                Kourtney (GCH Cecily x Treviator) Belaire * * April  
                Kate (SGCH Xena x Treviator) Belaire * * March  
                Krystal (Hyacinth x Korathan) Snow Bear * * March  
                Klassy (SGCH Higgles x Korathan) Xibo * * March  
                Kendall SGCH Higgles x Korathan) Keanu * * March  
                Kendra  (SG Ariadne x Finnian) Belaire * * May  
                Karoline (Jeannine x Jaguar) Belaire * * May   
                Kalianna (Julianna x Jaguar) Kalypso * * April  
                Kedda (SG Jedda x Jaguar) Belaire * *  May  

  • = Availability and price determined after kidding and evaluation.


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